Ratafià of Andorno

Walnut Liqueur

Walnut Ratafià, made from a walnut husk infusion in alcohol, is another typical liqueur of Andorno, the home of Ratafià. Like all ancient spirits, the origins are lost in the centuries and remain surrounded by a magical veil of mystery.

The unripe nuts, wrapped in their husks, had to be collected on the night of 24th June, the day of spells. Infused in pure alcohol with sugar and spices, they were left to rest for a few months. After filtration the liqueur was ready. Giovanni Rapa, founder in 1880 of the same-named Liqueur Company, and who had already distinguished himself in the preparation of liqueurs derived from fruits and herbs, picked up the tradition and devised a recipe for Walnut Ratafià.

Best served neat or with ice. It is great paired with the finest cheeses; it is an excellent ingredient for preparing delicious desserts, with fruit salads and ice cream.

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