Ratafià of Andorno

Cherry Liqueur

The writer Angelo Brofferio, in "The Italian Traditions" (1848), writes about the legend of a black cherry liqueur which, in 1000, saved the population of Andorno from the plague, making the marriage of the daughter of the inventor of this liqueur and the son of his most fierce enemy possible.

The peace between the two families was thus restored, and the sentence that was pronounced to seal the union between the two young people: "et sic fiat res rata fiat", gave the name to this magical liqueur. In 1700, the chemist Peter Rappis began its home-made production; in 1880 Giovanni Rapa, founder of the distillery, picked up the tradition that still continues in full respect of the old recipes.

Prepared with the juice of selected black cherries, sugar and spices, it is particularly prized for its sweet flavour. A slight alcoholic content makes it pleasing to everyone. Best served cold, with ice or neat. An excellent ingredient in the preparation of delicious desserts, with fruit salads and ice cream.

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