Ratafià of Andorno

Apricot Liqueur

Ancient legends trace this sweet liqueur to a hermit who took refuge in a forest not far from Andorno, creating the precious liqueur from the juice of wild fruit and bramble.
Ratafià, handmade in Andorno since 1700, soon became very famous even beyond the Alps: in 1766, in fact, the well-known "Cuoco Piemontese perfected in Paris" devoted two recipes to the liqueur. In 1880 Giovanni Rapa, founder of the distillery, picked up the tradition which is still handed down in full respect of the old recipes.

Prepared with the juice of selected apricots, sugar and spices, it is particularly prized for its sweet flavour.
Best served cold, with ice or neat. An excellent ingredient in the preparation of delicious desserts, with fruit salads and ice cream.

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