From a single grape variety of Muscatel grapes you obtain a delicious Moscato Grappa Riserva with great texture and harmony, clear, with a persistent perfume...

Giovanni Rapa created his Grappa with blueberry juice from an old recipe, simple but unique, born in the alpine valley of Cervo. Only the juice of mountain blueberries, fresh and ripe, and pure Grappa...

TThe Distillery Rapa Giovanni creates this pleasant soft and delicate liqueur with pure rhododendron and rare alpine flower scented honey and precious Grappa di Moscato, with an intense and balanced bouquet...

Valle Cervo is a lush green valley of the Biella Alps, which starts from Andorno Micca and extends right up to the Gressoney Valley. Its unspoiled nature, with unequalled colours and scents and a sparkling alpine climate, recalls ancient traditions and flavours of the mountain. In this natural setting of great beauty, the Liqueur Company Giovanni Rapa produces delicious and structured harmonious grappa, from the distillation of fresh pomace. The origin of grappa is lost in the maze of ancient northern Italian history. Legend has it that an unknown Roman legionary from the 1st century BC, returned from Egypt with a distillation plant he had stolen and where he had learned the techniques to obtain distilled liqueur from pomace.
In questo contesto naturale di assoluta bellezza, il Liquorificio Rapa Giovanni produce squisite Grappe di struttura e grande armonia, dalla distillazione di vinacce fresche. L'origine delle grappe si perde nei meandri della storia antica, nelle regioni settentrionali italiane. La leggenda vuole che un ignoto legionario romano del 1° sec. a.C., reduce dall'Egitto, dove aveva trafugato un impianto di distillazione, avesse appreso le tecniche per ottenere un distillato dalle vinacce.
The historian Luigi Papo traces the first production to 511 AD, by the Burgundians. Later, in 1451, a reference to the first distillation of grappa appears on the occasion of the inventory of the property left by the notary Ser Everardo Cividale: "unum ferrum to faciendam acquavitem". The Liqueur Company Giovanni Rapa, to emphasize all the naturalness and craftsmanship of its grappa, produced in accordance with ancient recipes, prefers to trace the word grappa to Piedmont’s "rapa", a dialect term that precisely indicates pomace.
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