The Liqueur Company Giovanni Rapa has won numerous awards: it was honoured by HRH Umberto I and Margherita of Savoy, by Popes Leo XIII and Pius X; it obtained a patent from the Duke of Genoa. In Milan, in 1914, it was awarded the Grand Cross of the "Benemeriti del Lavoro” (Meritorious Work Award).

The Vatican

letter-from-the-vatican The Holy Father Pope Leo XIII in a letter dated April 25th, 1892, thanks Giovanni Rapa’s Liqueur Company for the pleasant tasting of their liqueurs.

Erminio Macario

letter-erminio-macarioErminio Macario, in a letter dated November 14th, 1953, express gratitude for the tasting of the liqueurs produced by Giovanni Rapa.

The Royal House of Savoy

letter-from-minister-of-the-house-of-savoy In a letter dated February 14th, 1891, the Minister of the Royal House of Savoy expresses appreciation by His Majesty for the pleasant tasting of the liqueurs.

" The Mayor ... certifies that the distillery Giovanni Rapa has existed in this town since the year 1880, having as its purpose the production of liqueur ... "

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