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The distillery was founded in 1880 by Giovanni Rapa. It is located in the Valle Cervo, in Andorno Micca in the province of Biella, and that has always been its home. Giovanni Rapa was an eclectic man. A sculptor cabinet-maker, in 1865 he went to Milan to attend the Academy of Brera. From there he moved to the Don Bosco in Turin and later to Lyon, always practicing the art of sculpture.

Portale in legno negozio

In addition to the black cherry Ratafià, production includes, by faithfully following Giovanni Rapa’s old-time recipes, nuts, juniper and apricot Ratafià, bitters, including Walser, comprising twelve aromatic herbs and the result of an ancient Walser recipe (a population which occupied the slopes of Monte Rosa and its valleys including high Valle Cervo around 1200), herb liqueurs such as genepy and chartreuse, flavoured grappa, and ancient Piedmont traditional liqueurs such as Persico.
Ratafià parchment

The main product was and still is the original Black Cherry Ratafià of Andorno, which Angelo Brofferio in his "Italian Traditions" of 1848 dates back to an ancient legend of the year 1000.
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