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25. 05. 2014

On display in Milan

The black cherry Ratafià of Andorno is among the products in Oscar Farinetti’s new food megastore, Eataly Smeraldo in Milan.
20. 05. 2014

Tasting at the Fabbrica della Ruota

On the occasion of the event “Sapori di Primavera” (A Taste of Spring), 3rd /4th May, 2014, at the Fabbrica della Ruota (Wheel Factory) of Ponzone (Biella), the products of Liqueur Company Rapa Andorno were presented and tasted.
10. 03. 2014

New lemon Ratafià

130 years of experience by the Liquorificio Rapa Giovanni liqueur company meets the most fragrant lemons of the variety "Femminello St. Teresa" from Sicily. Thus was born the Ratafià of Andorno lemon liqueur, with a unique and original flavour and fragrance.

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